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Connorco Counsel:
Legal Solution for Small and Medium Enterprises
Most companies need more legal help than they can afford at the hourly rates of standard law firms.  Especially if you have to spend hours teaching the lawyer about your business.

Executives and business owners need quick relevant advice to make the best possible decisions to guide their enterprises confidently.
But unless you are a giant corporation, you just can't afford the efficiency of an inhouse law department.
Fortunately, Connorco Law Offices has the breakthrough legal services solution you need:

- Dedicated legal service with ...

- Outsourced flexibility and ...

- Inhouse cost efficiency.

How do we do it?

With standard law firms charging in the multiple hundreds of dollars per hour, how can Connorco provide its superior legal service at such reasonable prices?

It's not easy.  The founder of Connorco Counsel combined his experiences as a private lawyer and entrepreneur, senior lawyer in a large financial institution and MBA education, with careful research and process-design to create 'the Connorco Advantage' -- allowing small and medium size companies to pay for exactly as much lawyer time as you need, without having to support law-firm overhead costs.

Would your organization benefit from the 'Connorco Advantage'?

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