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Connorco Counsel:
Dispute Resolution, Facilitation & Intermediation
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Dispute Resolution Services:

    (sole-arbitrator or panel-member)

-Neutral Third-party evaluation

-FIAC optimization techniques


-Issue Referee/Policy Umpire

Facilitation & Intermediation Services




-Convener/Eductive discussion-leader


-Summations and reports

With experience, expertise, and sound judgement, Connorco Counsel provides top quality Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services in a number of commercial and non-commercial areas.  

Connorco Counsel facilitation and intermediation services can provide the key element to bring meetings and discussions alive to their purpose and successful in their outcomes, reliably and diplomatically.

Fees and Charges

Dispute Resolution:  Facilitation & Intermediation:

Hearings/attendances $ 799/ half-day $ 192/hour
Time in chambers: $ 250/hr

Plus all disbursements.*