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Connorco Counsel:
Commercial and Industrial Regulatory Services
Governments, federal, provincial, and municipal, all regulate the conduct of commerce and industry.

In Canada, numerous agencies, boards, commissions and tribunals make industry-wide regulations and company-specific adjudications continually.

Regulated enterprises have highly specialized needs for strategic counsel and legal services.  As change and complexity continue to accelerate, an expert and pro-active approach to regulatory issues has become imperative for organizations of all kinds.
Commercial and Industrial Regulation Services

Consulting to government in regulatory ADR, Connorco Counsel is available to government or quasi-government agencies to conduct screening, evaluations, and settlement processes, act as tribunal counsel, or arbitrate ancillary proceedings.

Consulting to corporations, Connorco Counsel is available to provide stategic counsel services on governance, compliance regime sufficiency, risk management, and regulatory change strategy.

Consulting to industry in regulatory development, Connorco Counsel is available to provide comprehensive planning and implementation support for regulated industry associations or groups.

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